Game Master’s Screen


When folded, this device resembles a real folio, but when opened, it is a screen with four panels for storing A4 sheet materials.


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This folding screen with an easy sheet replacement mechanism and built-in tower for bones allows the role-playing master to quickly understand the intricacies of the game world and play the game smoothly: at any time, the Game Master can check the necessary information just by changing one sheet to another.

The presenter of the Game can hide his personal treasures and secrets behind the screen, such as notes about the game, figures, and even a cup of tea. The built-in Dice Tower for dices adds an additional intrigue to the game: the moment between the falling bones and the results of the throw causes pleasant excitement among the players.

When folded, this unusual device resembles a large book. In the opened form, it is a screen with four panels, each of which has a special gum for storing A4 sheet. Of course, it is not necessary to use all four panels at the same time. If you need to save space on your gaming table, you can simply hide the unnecessary parts.


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Data sheet

Size in finished form
300*70*335 mm
Packing size
378*170*45 мм
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
160 pcs.
Average time to assembly
3 hours

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