Mechanical Deck Box


A compact palm-sized gaming device that holds all your game cards. Dec Box is the best choice for storing and transporting your favorite cards.


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A mechanical box for your deck of cards Deck Box is a must for those who love collectible card games and live card games. Your cards will always be in perfect order!

Dec Box is a beautiful palm-sized box. The inner compartment holds up to 100 game cards of 63.5x88 mm, 50 cards each. When Deck Box is in the open position, the cards are easy to fold and reach as needed. If you want to take your favorite deck of cards with you, put it in Dec Box. It will help keep cards in one place and protect against mechanical damage.

Pressing the special protrusions on the lid activates the mechanism, and the box opens:
the upper panels go down, the lid rises and open 2 compartments with the cards. The device is automatically fixed in open mode.

To close it, press the button on the model case. The mechanism on the springs will return the top panels and the cover to its original position. Now your cards are safely hidden and protected from unexpectedly spilled tea and other troubles.


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Data sheet

Size in finished form
94*84*112 mm
Packing size
188*170*27 мм
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
65 pcs.
Average time to assembly
3 hours

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