Mechanical Card Holder


The Card Holder from UGEARS will free your table in order to provide an efficient layout of the game elements and maximum comfort for the players.


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Often, the bigger the game, the more cards on the table, and finding at least some free space becomes a genuine problem. In addition, the cards are shuffled all the time, disrupting the course of the game and forcing players to return to sorting them again and again.
The kartholder is a convenient wooden box that will put your cards and game table in order. The device will simplify the game in times: you can conveniently expand your cards, while not taking up much space.

Behind the attractive design of wood hides a cunning mechanism that turns the box into ergonomic shelving, allowing you to get a card from any deck with a simple movement of your hand. The device has 12 cells that can hold up to 400 cards of 63.5x88 mm in size. The cells are large enough so that even the cards in the tread are placed there. When opened, the Cardholder also includes 4 spare bays for 100 cards of 45x68 mm in size.

In the intervals between games, the Cardholder will become a convenient and reliable place for storage: put your cards inside the device, fix them with the help of an autonomous latch. Now they are ready to travel in a backpack.


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Data sheet

Size in finished form
245*236*112 mm
Packing size
378*170*32 мм
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
77 pcs.
Average time to assembly
3 hours

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