Dream Cabriolet VM-05


Wooden constructor «Dream Cabriolet» VM-05 made by brand UGEARS, is a copy of the legendary car from the 50s, which looks very stylish, and now this dream can take a worthy place in your collection.


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From the moment of manufacturing the first car, to the present day, the global auto industry has created many “auto legends”. It is for such car models that collectors, aesthetes and motorists chase. Certainly a special and important place determines the era of cars of the 50s of the last century.

Stylish car is the dream of every boy and man, thanks to UGEARS your dream becomes a reality. The Dream Cabriolet VM-05 from UGEARS is a replica of the legendary car from the 50s, which looks very cool and goes not worse.

Striving for maximum realism, engineers have achieved an incredible level of development:

- driven by a rezinomotor;

- has the back and forward course;

- thanks to the neutral mode, you can look under the hood, where the 8-cylinder engine is hiding;

- in the trunk is "gentleman's kit": a jack and a set of tools;

- front wheels turn, and full-fledged shock absorbers effortlessly work out the bumps in the road;

- installed functional glass lifts and windshield wipers;

- implemented mechanisms for opening the trunk and hood.

This cabriolet is availble to everyone!

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Data sheet

Package size
378*170*50 mm
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
739 psc.
Average time to assembly
13 hours
Model's size
350*157*90 mm

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