Wooden 3D puzzle "Spherocube"


The Spherocube is a mechanical anti-stress puzzle model. The geometric model is transformed from a parallelepiped into a spatial cube in two basic combinations by “breaking” the model body in a hinged joint an infinite number of times.


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The mechanical model "Spherocube" after assembly takes the form of a kind of steampunk skeleton of a cube, which consists of eight wooden spheres interconnected by hinges that allow the spheres to roll relative to each other, forming various geometric shapes.

The spheres are a constructor consisting of six segments held together by cylindrical joints.

The construction set is made of high quality plywood boards. The kit is fully equipped with everything necessary for assembly.

Inside the package you will find plywood boards, from which you only need to extrude the finished parts and transform them into a finished model. You don't need any glue or special tools. A model is created according to illustrated instructions with explanations in 11 languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Korean). 


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Data sheet

Size in finished form
4,5*2,4*1,1 in (11,5 * 6 * 2,8 cm)
Package size
10,9*7,3*0,2 in (27,8 * 18,5 * 0,5 cm)
Assembly time
1 hour
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