Wooden 3D puzzle "Postal stagecoach"


We present, surrounded by legends, a vehicle of the late 18th - 19th century. Take the whole family on an exciting Wild West journey with the Postal Stagecoach.


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When designing the Postal Stagecoach wooden 3d puzzle, the design engineers were guided by two main principles: the stagecoach must be attractive in terms of design, and at the same time strong enough to withstand the challenges of the Wild West - in case you want to reproduce this period at home with family or friends. The result is a stagecoach with a massive, robust frame and wheels that are playable, and a gracefully carved cockpit.

The cab doors open. There is a letter box on the roof of the stagecoach. And if your child is waiting for a parcel of sweets at the other end of the table, you can send a couple of sweets in the cockpit in passenger class. If the amount of sweet cargo exceeds the capacity of the cabin, the mailboxes can be removed from the roof and your parcel can be placed in their place.

The stagecoach has a fairly fast speed, making only a few turns with the key, you can send the model on the road. When starting the model, remember to lock the rear axle so that the stagecoach does not run away from you ahead of time.

Interesting and reliable mechanics of the model make assembly easy and understandable for any age. The model is designed for the whole family - collect the "Postal Stagecoach" with your loved ones.

The decorative elements of the cockpit, graceful carvings and interesting mechanical details make the "Postal Stagecoach" model an adornment of any interior.

Wooden construction set "Postal Stagecoach" is made of high quality plywood, assembled without glue and additional tools. The assembly process will bring you and your loved ones an unforgettable experience and the joy of creating a mechanical miracle with your own hands.

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Size in finished form
40 * 12.5 * 16 cm
Package size
37 * 17 * 2,7 cm
Assembly time
5 hours
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