Wooden castle building blocks


Castle blocks are source of many-many games. This toy can really boost imagination and free creativity.


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There are no limits to what you can actually build: a ship, a robot, fortress, house, even small town - it is up to you and your imagination.

Why is this toy useful:

1.Child is learning shapes and is training fine motor skills.

2. Building with blocks develops the ability to concentrate longer, be patient if details fall and child needs to start over again. It also teaches not to give up and achieve your goals.

3. Building castles child learns how to create order from chaos, a unit out of a pile of elements - very useful skill.

4. Creating constructions is the first acquaintance with causal relationships - child tries out hypotheses and sees whether they work or not: will my castle hold on on 3 cubes or will it fall?  How many cubes I can stack in each other before the tower falls? 

5. Building something out of imagination is quite hard - you need to develop this skill, this way you learn 3-dimensional thinking and try yourself as an architect or designer.

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Data sheet

1.4 kg
Solid wood
Age category
From 3 year to 5 years
Wood species
Linden or birch
24 х 24 х 4 cm
Made in
Number of parts
41 pcs
Non-toxic water-based paint

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