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Stool CUT


Stool CUT is a unique design stool that will definitely take its place in your kitchen, guest rooms or other rooms with arbitrary interiors.

The CUT stool is a great synthesis of practicality, naturalness, thought-out design details.


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The CUT stool from Esense is versatile, so it will ease the function of a stool and a tidy table or even a small pedestal. So, using a stool as a table, you have a great opportunity to place on it, for example, a cup of tea or coffee, books and magazines, a TV remote control and mobile gadgets - it all depends on your imagination!

The stool is great for small rooms, and in larger rooms you can place, for example, a kit that includes a CUT stool and CUT coffee table. Buy a CUT stool is always advisable!

Apart from the exquisite design, the stool has durability, practicality and durability.

To create a wooden part of the seat, the master used a slab oak veneer with cracks and knots. Thanks to this solution, each stool looks naturally and unique, gets its uniqueness.

For the manufacture of a white sector used metal sheet, which is covered with powder paint.

Due to the use of the specified materials in the design of the product, the stool is very easy to wash, there are no traces of dirt, stains and breaks.

The stool can be made in different colors. In this case, you have the opportunity to choose both the color of the wooden and the color of the metal part of the product:

- metal can be painted in black or white colors without additional payment. In addition, it is possible to paint in other colors and shades, the presence of which need to be clarified. The additional fee is 10% of the cost of the product;

- veneers can also be ordered in various shades, the presence of which is pre-specified. The additional fee will also amount to 10% of the cost of the product.

Buy a CUT stool and various furniture from the manufacturer Esense and others you can at any time convenient for you.

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450 mm
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MDF veneered, MDF painte
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