Balance Bike ITALIANO


This model is created and inspired by legendary VESPA motoroller. Designed to emphasize the individuality: historical, romantic or warrior motifs are available on demand for engraving. Which will suit your child? Runbike ITALIANO – style in details!


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Children's bicycles are very popular today. From an early age, children learn to ride them. The runbike Italiano is designed for children from 1.5 to 6 years old.

The Italiano balance bike is designed and manufactured based on the iconic Italian Vespa scooter. The model is presented in several modifications. The materials from which the balance bike is made are of high quality. The steering wheel is equipped with ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip. For an exclusive design, we offer engraving to choose from - Italy, Rome, Centurion and Anreal. It is the incredible style that makes the Italiano balance bike unique. For the convenience of the child, the seat can be adjusted in three positions.

You can buy Italiano balance bike on the website http://ligno.com.ua. You will also receive a nice bonus - a stand for your "two-wheeled horse".

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Data sheet

530 mm
880 mm
Steering wheel width
375 mm
Seat (min)
350 mm
Seat (medium)
372 mm
Seat (max)
374 mm
Unreal, Italiano, Rome, Centurion

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