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Unique design, reliability, safety and ease of use are what your little one will love SWISS for from the first touch.


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Big bike Swiss is an extraordinary and unique bike for a child. An elegant design big bike is perfect for a little princess or prince.

Swiss children's bikes are made from environmentally friendly materials. The wood used in the production is only of high quality. The seat can be adjusted to ensure comfortable cycling. The big bike is equipped with a comfortable round steering wheel, and the soft padding on the steering wheel is ideal for children's hands. The wooden bike itself is lightweight compared to the metal one.

Bigovel Swiss is designed for children from 1.5 to 6 years old. Reliability and ease of use is what your child will love this bike for at first sight.

It doesn't take long to buy a Swiss children's bike. You can use a standard application or using the quick order function. A comfortable stand for a "wooden horse" will also be a pleasant gift.

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Data sheet

530 mm
4,4 kg
880 mm
Steering wheel width
375 mm
Seat (min)
350 mm
Seat (medium)
372 mm

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