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Mattress Honey


The most comfortable mattress for your back!


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Sleep takes up a third of a human life, and this is its beautiful third. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of quality, healthy sleep. With the orthopedic mattress of the Yellow Honey Matroluxe series, this is easy to do, because it is a reversible spring mattress with an asymmetric (3/4) level of firmness, a winter-summer effect and high-quality filling. Its peculiarity is that you yourself can adjust the hardness on which you will sleep, if in doubt, which is right for you.

You will feel completely immersed thanks to the perfectly balanced fabric thickness. The Beauty Sonno fabric cover is the perfect sleep solution to relax physically and emotionally.

Also included in the filling is Sisal - a material of natural origin, which is obtained from dried fibers of Agave plants and is used in filling mattresses. Elastic for coconut coir and is characterized by the highest strength among natural fibers.


It is a spring system with five independent transverse zones and a unique Butterfly corner support system and an additional two steel frames. The Multi Poket spring system is designed with human anatomical features in mind.

The Hani mattress is divided into five zones, and each spring is housed in a separate bag and works independently of the others. Also, the springs are combined with different stiffness and diameter. This zoning provides maximum orthopedic effect and anatomical support for the spine during sleep.

Support for the innovative Butterfy side system complements the premium class for long-lasting comfort. A person's sleep should be complete and healthy. Take care of yourself with our Hani mattresses.

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220 mm
Up to 140 kg / 1 berth
900 х 2000, 1200 х 2000, 1400 х 2000, 1600 х 2000, 1800 х 2000 mm
Made in
Winter / summer, hard

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