Wooden chandelier DNA

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Wood species
Number of slats
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The DNA chandelier has a spiral structure of wooden planks with built-in professional LED lighting.

Depending on the number of elements, the length of the chandelier may vary. The minimum order starts with 5 slats. The maximum number of slats in one chandelier is 16.

This lamp can be installed horizontally or vertically. Thanks to two intertwined details, this chandelier looks very similar to a DNA molecule.

Choose the type of wood and color, add a dimer when ordering and breathe new life into your home or office.

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Data sheet

Solid wood
Warranty period
1 year
Made in
Number of slats
5 - 16 pcs
Power supply
Normal / Dimming (50 USD)
LED color
2700k / 3000k / 4000k / 6000k
Wood color
Natural / Bleached / Brown / Gray / Black / Black with brown bevels / Driftwood (for oak only)

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