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Wooden chandelier STAR TRECK


Star Trek is a transformer chandelier that transforms from a shiny star into a falling comet that flies at the speed of light. You can independently adjust the brightness of the light by changing the shape of the chandelier.


Wood species
In stock

Everyone likes to watch stars that are clearly visible on a clear night. However, it is not necessary to wait for good weather to admire the heavenly bodies. Thanks to the Star Trek LED chandelier, this can be done at home.

A wooden chandelier transforms from a shining star into a falling comet, flying at the speed of light.

Made in Ukraine.

1000 Items

Data sheet

About 3 kg
Solid wood
Goods for
Wood species
Oak / Ash
1 Chandelier, 1 LED driver, 60watt; 1 metal cable grippers systems; the special super protective package for worldwide shipping.
Warranty period
1 year
670x1050x1050 mm (26"x41"x41")
Made in
Cord length
Up to 1.5 meters (adjustable). If needed longer cord, please let us know
LED lumens 1800 -2100L/ Delivered Lumens - 1700-2000L (depending on LED color)

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