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The Nicole wardrobe is an element of the Nicole bedroom furniture series. Perfectly combines simplicity, elegance and aesthetic appeal. But apart from good looks, this wardrobe is also functional and practical.

It is made of natural wood (beech), as a result of which your bedroom will be filled with special warmth and comfort. Taking care of your health, we used Austrian flaxseed oil as a coating, which is hypoallergenic.

An excellent addition to Nicole's wardrobe is German-made handles. They have a certain restraint, but at the same time, in combination with wood, they gave the wardrobe a bright accent.

When choosing a wardrobe, we advise you to pay attention to its dimensions: height 223.3 cm, depth 62 cm, and width can be from 100 to 300 cm (one door 50 cm). Doors can be completely wooden or finished with frosted glass (white / gray) or mirror.

We also draw your attention to the fact that Nicole's wardrobe has such an addition as external drawers. About the internal filling of the wardrobe, the basic package includes two wooden shelves and 1 hanger bar in each section. However, for optimal use of the wardrobe space, we suggest you choose additional filling:

— Plug-in shelf (50 or 100 cm wide). We recommend sticking to a height of 30-35 cm between them.

— Hanging bar. Can only be placed under a pull-out shelf. We recommend a minimum height of 90 cm at the bottom of the wardrobe.

— Pull-out shelf (100 cm wide). It is 2/3 pull-out as standard, but an optional full pull-out function can be ordered.

— Internal drawer (50 or 100 cm wide). It is recommended to place a shelf above the drawer. It is 2/3 pull-out as standard, but an optional full pull-out function can be ordered.

— T-shaped section (height - 143.9 cm, width - 100 cm). It includes 1 vertical partition, 3 shelves (50 cm wide), 1 hanger bar (50 cm). It is mounted only in the housing "100".

— Dressing mirror (height 185 cm, width 33.5 cm). For the inside of the wardrobe door. It recommends wide-angle hinges for 165 degree door opening.

— Set of 4 wide-angle joints 165, with soft closure. Allows doors to be opened 165 degrees.

— Retractable hanger (from the body). It is installed on the outside of the wardrobe and extends by 20 cm. It can be placed on either the right or left side of the wardrobe.

— Retractable hook. Fits into a shelf shelf. Pulls out 3 cm. We recommend placing 1 hook on 1 center shelf.

— Hanger for trousers / skirts. It is mounted in the housing "100". Recommended installation height - 70 cm

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