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Wardrobe Gloria


Stylish and spacious wardrobe in your bedroom.


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Made of beech wood. For the facades we use a one-piece panel, for the body we use a spliced one. In both cases, it is durable and environmentally friendly. For the coating, adhering to our principles, we have chosen a natural color oil that emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood and is safe for health, odorless and hazardous fumes.

Basic set of the wardrobe

The basic equipment of the Gloria wardrobe includes 2 shelves and a bar for hangers in each section.

Also, on this product page you can choose how the front of the wardrobe will look like. For the middle section, you can additionally order a mirror or frosted glass. We install high quality plywood under these surfaces.

Components and accessories for the Gloria wardrobe

To use the space inside the wardrobe rationally and conveniently for you, we suggest choosing the following components and accessories:

— Additional shelves. They can be placed every 3.2 cm. Shelf holder holes made in each section. You can choose any distance between the shelves and any number of them. The optimal distance is 30-35 cm. There are two widths: 50 cm and 100 cm for 1-door and 2-door sections, respectively.

— Additional bar for hangers. In addition to those included in the basic package, you can order a few more of these components. But keep in mind that for convenience, it should be installed somewhere at a height of 90 cm from the floor and always under a plug-in shelf, since this is how it is attached to the wardrobe. There are two widths: 50 cm and 100 cm for 1-door and 2-door sections respectively.

— Pull-out shelf or shelf on guides, which allows you to put and take out the things you need in a practical way. It is convenient to open and choose things, while you do not need to get everything for the sake of one thing. Only suitable for a 2-door section with a width of 100 cm. By default, the shelf can be pulled out 2/3. You can additionally order the installation of guides that allow you to extend it completely.

— Internal drawer. It can have two different widths - 50 cm and 100 cm. Its height is 25.6 cm. They can be placed one above the other. We recommend placing a plug-in shelf on top, which will serve as a cover for the drawer. By default, the drawer slides out 2/3. You can additionally order the installation of guides that allow you to extend it completely.

— Section (set) for 2-door compartment of the Gloria wardrobe. Its dimensions: height 144 cm, width 100 cm. The set includes: 1 partition, 3 insertable shelves of 50 cm and 1 bar for hangers 50 cm. This is a ready-made solution that will further diversify the filling of your wardrobe and get more space more things.

— Wardrobe mirror. Placed on the inside of the door. Large enough (185 cm high) for you to see your full-length image. We recommend installing on the middle door and choosing wide-angle hinges for them, which allow the doors to open almost at 1650.

— Set of 4 corner hinges with soft closure. Allows opening doors at 1650. We do not recommend installing on outer doors. Also note that drawers and shelves cannot be installed at the level of these hinges.

— Pull-out hanger for the outside of the case. It is installed at the level of the hanger bar and extends 20 cm from the outside of the wardrobe. Placement is possible both on the right and on the left side of the wardrobe. It is convenient to use, for example, with vertical smoothing, leave prepared things for trying on, and the like.

— Pull-out hook that fits into the shelf. Pulls out 3 cm. It is possible to place only 1 hook on 1 center shelf.

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