Wooden clock Mandala-20


The voluminous mandala wall clock will perfectly fit into any design and will be a good decoration of the room. Wooden clocks can be presented as a present for family and friends for a holiday.


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Wooden wall clock mandala is made of several layers of plywood, which are glued together in 1 piece. Wall clocks look very stylish and unusual due to their layering.

You can buy wooden clocks on the wall in 2 versions:

1. For handmade. In this case, you receive an unassembled and unpainted wooden clock. You can paint it yourself in a color that you like and assemble the watch yourself.

2. Finished watch. You will receive a pre-assembled clock on the wall and painted in the color shown in the photo.

The set includes:

- All parts of the mandala clock

- Quartz movement

1000 Items

Data sheet

28-30 cm
Made in
Mechanism type
Silent quartz
Number of layers
5-6 pcs

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