Wooden 3D puzzle "Plane"


Flight, one of man’s greatest accomplishments! Building your own plane, now that is an accomplishment that only a few, like the Wright Brothers, can boast about. Building the WoodTrick two-seater plane is not like most other model airplanes. This wooden set is safe from hobby-glues, paints, or other potentially toxic materials.


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Who among us has not dreamed of flying! Yes, we have traveled the world in huge airliners ... But in order to feel the delight and pleasure of flying, you need a small two-seater ship. Not everyone has the money to buy a real machine, but everyone can get our wooden models. "Airplane" exactly repeats one of the first flying prototypes.

This is not just fun and games, but a real journey into the history of aviation. You will learn a lot by putting together a 3D puzzle. The plane puzzle consists of 148 separate pieces. It is assembled without glue or any other additions. The kit includes detailed instructions.

It is very pleasant to fold such a thing with your own hands. Enjoy an exciting evening full of adventure. What could be better? Don't forget - we offer more than just wooden toys. Airplane is a great addition to your collection.

* The actual number of parts in the kit may vary due to model improvements.


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Data sheet

0.659 kg
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
148 pcs
The complexity of the assembly
Average time to assembly
3 hours
Model's size
140*280*305 mm

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