Wooden 3D puzzle "Tractor"


Wooden construction set "Tractor" is one of the most powerful construction sets in the LIGNO online store. Only a real man can appreciate such a mechanism. The engine's performance is mesmerizing - if you lift the hood, you will see the work of the pistons. You can put the "Tractor" at neutral speed or start it to full and see how fast it goes.


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Wooden construction set "Traktor" is one of the most popular and powerful models in the LIGNO online store. The model consists of an example of real mechanisms.

Homemade tractors are one of a kind. It is possible to lift the hood and see how the pistons work. To see how the "Tractor" is moving, you can start it at maximum speed or put it in neutral. Thanks to a special lever, you can turn the wheels, setting the direction of travel for the vehicle. It is also possible to open the door and adjust the seat.

The model of the "Tractor" constructor is made of natural wood - FC plywood. The collection takes place without glue or additional substances, which makes the construction set safe for children. The build level is difficult. This 3D constructor consists of almost four hundred parts. Detailed instructions will help you or your children to fold the real tractor.

You can buy a mini-tractor constructor on the website www.ligno.com.ua. You will not only assemble the tractor with your own hands, but also understand how its engine works.

* The actual number of parts in the kit may vary due to model improvements.


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Data sheet

1,5 kg
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
401 pcs
The complexity of the assembly
Average time to assembly
6 - 8 hours
Model's size
295*160*185 mm

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